What Will You Choose?

After the stories are read and the lights go off, maybe there’s time to tell one more.

The Little Bear Went Up The Stairs

The little bear went up the stairs, To play with all the teddy bears. He found a mousie and a fly, And then he went back home, Bye Bye!

Father and Mother and Uncle Jim

Father and Mother and Uncle Jim Went for a boat ride and a swim. One fell out and one fell in! Father and Mother and Uncle Jim!


Poonchkey, poonchkey, poonchkey,, Who stole my smatchka poonchkey? Was it Mama?  No. Was it Daddy? No. Was it Brother?  No. Was it Sister?  No. Was it Baby?  Yes! And she … Read more

Ticketty Boo

I dumped my porridge on the floor, just so Mom would make some more. Chorus:  Don’t worry, Mommy, everything’s ticketty boo. I poured my cornflakes in the drawer, just so … Read more

Chilly Little Nosie

Chilly little nosie, Feetsies warm and snug! Love my little baby With a hug, hug, hug!   Chilly little cheekies, Earsies warm and snug! Love my little baby With a … Read more

Mommy Loves Her Baby

Mommy loves her baby, Mommy loves her pie. Mommy loves her baby, Little baby pie!   Daddy loves his baby, Daddy loves his pie. Daddy loves his baby, Little baby … Read more

Old Hushwing

Whoo, whoo, whoo is the owl? His name is Old Hushwing. Whoo, whoo, who is the owl? His name is Old Hushwing.   Does he ever talk?  Does he ever … Read more

Toothbrush Song

For Jaeger (Oct. 2016) Toothbrush, toothbrush in your mouth, First go north and then go south. First go up and then go down. Side to side and round and round! … Read more

1 Button, 2 Buttons

1 button, 2 buttons, 3 buttons, 4. Changing baby’s diaper, like we did before. 4 buttons, 3 buttons, 2 buttons, 1. Changing baby’s diaper, almost done.   Repeat until you … Read more