From Wibbleton to Wobbleton

DVD released in 1998 by 49 North Productions;

40 minutes – Lyrics included. Ideally suited to parents of infants from birth to 24 months.

Sally has been sharing laprhymes, fingerplays, songs and lullabies for more that 27 years in her parent-baby programs in Toronto. Now you can join her, too. Place your baby on your lap and play along – soon you’ll know her delightful collection by heart. In the tradition of Mother Goose, From Wibbleton to Wobbleton will help you entertain or soothe your baby anywhere, any time!

Download a copy of the lyrics to all the songs and rhymes from the DVD using this link.

A 1999 Parents’ Choice Recommendation and a KID’S FIRST endorsement

“A wonderful resource for those of us who want to be better parents.” City Parent

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