How rhymes and songs help us every day!

An observation from Gramma Sally

Rhymes and songs help us understand  our daily events with  our family.

This morning, while having a bath, I heard my dog outside the bathroom door. I opened the door to show him I was sitting in the tub. He looked confused and instantly, without any forethought at all, I began to sing “Splish splish splash, Gramma’s in the bath!”  It’s the new bath song that Anna wrote recently for her daughter Harlow, who was objecting to her bath in the sink.

It’s a catchy tune and helps the listener understand exactly what’s going on.

In this case, my dog heard the sound of splashing behind a closed door. So in addition to the sound cue of splashing and once I opened the door, the visual cue of the bathtub, there was the lilting rhythm of the song which was very reassuring and made it all sound like fun.

Using rhymes and songs with the little ones in our lives helps them understand the world around them. And whether human or animal, it works.

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