bear and king

The 40th Toronto Storytelling Festival March 2019 Observations

What I noticed on Sunday, March 24, as I listened to stories at The Toronto Reference Library, was the gift of “seeing” so much of the stories!  
The Storytellers were painting with words! I think it was Laura Simms who said, “The law of the storyteller is to see with their inner eye everything of which they speak!”

Here’s what I saw on Sunday:

I saw a bask of hungry baby crocodiles, swimming up the river.

I saw blueberries spilling from a basket, tipped over by a gate.

I saw an enormous brown bear, standing tall, arms outstretched, at the edge of a meadow.

I saw a King pull an arrow from his quiver and pull it taut upon his bow.

I saw the devil’s black coat and hat and gloves.

I saw a broad winged dove, sweep down to the riverbank, with a sleeping baby on his back.

I saw a unicorn!

What did you see?