PJ’s And Pillows Family Concert. ~ A Review ~

PJs & Pillows presents Ten Small Tales – stories told from the book by Celia Barker Lottridge.

Concert Review by Carol Ashton, founding member of Storytellers for Children, 1998

Carol writes:

That was so nice! And I have to add how happy I am to see PJs & Pillows, the family storytelling series, created over 9 years ago, continuing on!

Sally (Four Legs, Four Arms, One Head ) and Joan (The Fox and The Walking Stick) always a delight to hear you!

Lara’s finger play (The Tortoise Went Up The Hill) was just the right story we needed to reign in the little ones.

Harriet’s animals and retelling of The Little Boy Who Turned Into A Peanut was so funny!  The children really helped to tell this story!

It was nice to hear Kim’s rendition of The Journey of Tiny Mouse with  song & ukulele. The children loved it.

Erika (Up Up The Candlestick) as always nice to hear you, you are so engaging.  The addition of the roly poly fingerplay was great for providing even more opportunity for interaction for the young listeners.

Donna (The Magic Drum) I always love to listen to you, thanks for including Nick on the bodhran.

And April (The Old Fashioned Bed) you absolutely own that story, amazing!  And Jennie’s cute little cry was perfect!

Thank you for a great evening, that had the added bonus of seeing author of Ten Small Tales, Celia Barker Lottridge & storyteller Linda Howes from Story Save!

Excuse all the exclamations …. But… !!!

Sally adds – there was one more story on the program!

Carol’s telling of  The Little Monkey and the Bananas, reminded me of how we learn:  good judgement comes from experience, which comes from bad judgement.   Little Monkey tried to do right, but after all, he was just a little monkey!

Storytellers for Children hosted this concert as a fundraiser for the current StorySave project, recording Celia Barker Lottridge. For more information on StorySave and SC / CC please visit their website:  www.storytellers-conteurs.ca.

Ten Small Tales books were on hand for sale and signing by the author.  Proceeds from the book sales were donated to Parent-Child Mother Goose Program.  www.parentchildmothergoose.com

Ten storytelling members of Storytellers for Children www.storytellersforchildren.ca told ten of the stories in Ten Small Tales.  But 3 stories weren’t told?  How could that be?  Did you solve the riddle?

Carol Ashton founded PJs & Pillows Family Concert series, to offer family oriented programs in a setting suitable for the youngest listeners.  Since it was created, over 20 family concerts have been presented over the past 9 years!