Doll in chair

Hello Everybody and how are you? It’s almost Spring – do you feel it in the air?

All 3 of our parent and child videos are now on youtube!

Today, parents often plant an iphone or tablet in their child’s lap. So, it seems like the right moment to launch our videos on YouTube.

In 1998, Janice Dawe, our program participant with her first child, got the idea to make the videos, for parents who didn’t have access to our programs.

Janice, who then produced the videos, still says today “With these videos we’ve tried to capture the lively space that Sally and Erika created in their storytelling programs. When young children watch them, they are going to want their parents to play the rhymes with them.”

With “lap access” technology in the hands of small children, everyone now has the opportunity to make connections through enriched and engaged language play. This has always been our goal!

Success will be achieved, as parents and young children play the rhymes together!

That’s our message! My goal as a family storyteller for over 40 years has been to help families discover the joy of playing with language!

Storytelling for the very young is early literacy at it’s finest!

So, find a little listener and get started!