Sally and Erika's Storytelling Programs for Young Children

About Sally


Sally Jaeger began storytelling in kindergarten with a riddle and has shared stories, rhymes and songs ever since. Moving to Toronto, Ontario from Wisconsin in 1972, Sally pursued storytelling at The Storytellers School of Toronto.

Sally created Mr. Bear Says Hello in 1981 and has developed an effective method of training parents and caregivers to use rhymes, songs and stories as powerful tools for establishing strong physical and emotional connections with their children from birth to 3 years.

Sally is a member of Storytelling Toronto, SC-CC, Mariposa in the Schools, The Osborne and Lillian H. Smith Collection and a founding member of Storytellers for Children.


Hi Sally and Erika, I wanted to let you both know that last week I was driving the kids up to the farm... I was hoping both kids would fall asleep in the car. Well doesn't Annie start to cry about 40 minutes into the trip and Ephraim is clearly tired, yet wide awake. So what do I do? I start singing good old "Hello Everybody" and Annie stops crying then I sing it a little slower and she falls asleep and then, I sing it even slower and Ephraim falls asleep. THANK YOU!! That song never fails me.
Mom with 3 and 1 year olds

December 2012

Storytelling Programs for Young Children

When you talk, sing and play together, you are nurturing your child's listening skills and fostering a love of language.

Watch Play Learn.


About Erika

ErikaErika Jaeger, trained in Sally Jaeger’s method of storytelling for babies and toddlers, teaches parents and caregivers essential skills for bringing stories, rhymes and songs into everyday life. These skills build a strong connection and nurture early literacy and language development.

The daughter of Toronto storyteller Sally Jaeger and David Jaeger, composer and former CBC radio producer, Erika grew up in a musical and storytelling family.  Erika attended the Storytellers School of Toronto before she was born!

Erika joined Sally as a storyteller and teacher in 2001.

Erika is a member of Mariposa in The Schools and an executive member of Storytellers for Children.